Ariviyal Solai-Scientific Knowledge in Mother Language

5 August 2016 14:00-15:00, Madurai, India

This event is by invitation only

To Create awareness/promote scientific activities among school students especially in rural areas. science should be accessible in mother language and meaningful to all students.

Mission      : Provoking students’ scientific temper in mother language
Slogan       : Equip, Execute & Empower (EEE) 

The science related activities would be conducted  based on the four concepts:
1. Science from textbook
2. Science in day-to-day life
3. Science for fun and
4. Recent scientific inventions/innovations
Sponsorship & supporting organisations
Thiagarajar Model Higher Secondary School
Thiagarajar Model Higher Secondary School

Thiagarajar Model Higher Secondary School, Teppakulam, Madurai, 625009, India

Organised by
Ariviyal Solai Innovation Society
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