Low Level Detection and Quantification by NMR Spectroscopy

29 March 2017 10:00-16:30, Stevenage, United Kingdom

The theme for the joint NMR Discussion Group - Molecular Spectroscopy Group spring 2017 meeting is “Low level detection and quantification by NMR” and different NMR technologies, including solution state NMR, solid state NMR and benchtop/low field NMR will be discussed.  The presentations will cover a range of NMR related disciplines, including conventional low level detection and quantification, the use of cryoprobes, quantification of polymorphism using ssNMR and also methods for spectral simplification.  Recent developments and applications of hyperpolarisation techniques, within both solution state and solid state NMR, will be presented in conjunction with the effect these sensitivity enhancements have with respect to quantification and limits of detection.
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GlaxoSmithKline, Gunnels Wood Road, Stevenage, SG1 2NY, United Kingdom

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