The Technique of GC in 3 Separate Parts - Fundamentals, Troubleshooting & Method Development

19 October 2017 09:30-15:15, Loughborough, United Kingdom

(This course is in three separate 1-2 hour parts) 

Given appropriate instrumentation, gas chromatography is a most valuable technique, capable of separating and quantifying a wide variety of sample mixtures.
Established GC practitioners may be expected to develop and apply their skills in Troubleshooting, and in Method Development (subject to regulatory control). Before investigating these two important elements, it is essential that the fundamentals of the GC process are considered, possibly as a revision exercise.
This combination of Fundamentals, Troubleshooting and Method Development in 3 separate parts, with a small degree of overlap, ensures that GC users at all levels of development can benefit from some revision before proceeding to the more advanced aspects, according to their personal objectives.
The chromatographic process, applied to GC
GC stationary phases
Elements of GC instrumentation
Principles of troubleshooting
Problem solving
Logical method development

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Burleigh Court, Loughborough University

Trent Room, Burleigh Court, Loughborough University, Ashby Road, Loughborough, LE11 3TD, United Kingdom

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Hichrom Ltd
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