Hands-on NMR Spectroscopy for Metabolic Profiling

22 - 26 January 2018, London, United Kingdom

This week long course aims to cover how to perform a metabolic profiling experiment, from start to finish. It will cover study design, sample preparation, NMR spectrometer set up for global profiling, 2-dimensional NMR experiments and spectral data analysis.

It combines lectures and tutorial sessions to ensure a thorough understanding of the theory and practical applications.  Topics covered include:
  • NMR-based metabonomics and NMR theory
  • Experimental design,
  • Topspin software and plotting, and pulse sequences
  • Statistics and data pre-processing
  • Metabolite ID and 2D NMR
Imperial International Phenome Training Centre

South Kensington Campus, Imperial International Phenome Training Centre, Imperial College London, London, SW72AZ, United Kingdom

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