HPLC 2018, 47th International Symposium and Exposition on High Performance Liquid Phase Separations and Related Techniques

29 July 2018 08:30 - 2 August 2018 18:30, Washington DC, United States

Are you interested in mass spectrometry, chromatography, or electrophoresis? Are you solving complex analytical problems? Are you looking for a conference with strong scientific content, a robust program, presentations by world renowned experts, lectures by young scientists, courses offering great training opportunities, tutorials, panel discussions, vendor technical workshops, best poster competition, and a major exposition showcasing new product launches and innovative products with opportunities to discuss challenges and solutions with experts in the booths? Mark your calendar to attend HPLC 2018 Washington, DC, the largest, most recognized international conference in the world devoted to advances in separations technologies! Join us for a dynamic and innovative program packed with papers on column and stationary phase technology, interface to mass spectrometry, microfluidic systems, capillary electrophoresis, LCxLC, QA&QC methods, QbD in separations, and application to real world problems. A special emphasis in applications will be on bioanalysis including: pharmaceuticals, antibody-drug conjugates, antibody characterization, continuous flow manufacturing, biotechnology, proteins and proteomics, glycomics, metabolomics and lipidomics, food and nutrition, well-characterized biologicals, biofuels, environment, toxicology, and more!

Sponsorship & supporting organisations
Analytical Division of the CIC (Canada)

Division of Analytical Chemistry, American Chemical Society (USA)

Central European Group for Separation Sciences

Chicago Chromatography Discussion Group (USA)

Chinese American Chromatography Association, CACA

Chromatographic Society (UK)

Chromatography and Electrophoresis Group of the Czech Chemical Society (Czech Republic)

Chromatography Forum of the Delaware Valley (USA)

Committee of Analytical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland)

Delaware Valley Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group (USA)

Division of Analytical Chemistry of the American Chemical Society (USA)

European Society for Separation Sciences

German Chemical Society (Germany)

Greater Boston Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group (USA)


Hungarian Society for Separation Sciences (Hungary)

Interdivisional Group of Separation Science of the Italian Chemical Society (Italy)


Norwegian Chromatographic Group of the Norwegian Chemical Society (Norway)

Pacific Northwest Mass Spectrometry Group, PacMass (USA)

Pharmaceutical and Bioscience Society, International, PBSS (USA)

Society for Chromatographic Sciences (Japan)

Washington-Baltimore Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group (USA)

Washington Chromatography Discussion Group (USA)

Working Group Separation Science of the German Chemical Society (Germany)
Washington Marriott Wardman Park

Washington Marriott Wardman Park, 2660 Woodley Road NW, Washington DC, 20008, United States

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