Techniques for Biomolecule Characterisation

20 March 2018 14:00-15:45, Oxford, United Kingdom

Techniques for Biomolecule Characterisation 
This short seminar discusses chromatographic techniques suitable for the analysis of large molecular weight biomolecules. With an increased interest in the area of biotherapeutics and more regulations focused on these pharmaceuticals, possible methods to characterise biomolecules are required.  Modes such as size exclusion (SEC), ion-exchange, hydrophobic interaction (HIC) and affinity chromatography will be covered for intact biomolecules. Techniques that may be more familiar to those analysts involved in small molecule analysis, such as reversed-phase LC-MS methods for protein digests will also be discussed, alongside new tools focused primarily on large molecules, for example SEC for monoclonal antibody monomer, fragment and aggregate separations. Course attendees will leave with a better understanding of the variety of techniques available to enable a more complete characterisation of biomolecules.  
Biomolecule basics
Size exclusion chromatography
Ion-exchange chromatography
Hydrophobic interaction chromatography
Reversed-phase chromatography
Affinity chromatography 
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