Exploring Eluent pH in Method Development

2 October 2018 11:00-12:45, Farnborough, United Kingdom

Exploring the Power of Eluent pH in LC Method Development 
Eluent phase pH can be a powerful tool for the chromatographer. Choosing buffer systems and analysis conditions that span an extended pH range (pH 2 - 11) can have an effect on the retention behaviour and provide alternative selectivity for many acidic and basic analytes. Changes in analyte retention from eluent pH can be helpful for screening systems and method development platforms where observing the number of components in samples is important before method optimisation is attempted. The chromatographic selectivity 'space' for various eluent and column permutations will be described for a range of acidic, basic and neutral analyte mixtures and practical hints and tips for ensuring repeatable and reproducible chromatography, when working with an extended pH range, will be included. 
Exploring chromatographic selectivity
Stationary phase design
Acidic and basic analyte ionisation theory
Choosing appropriate stationary phases
Practical hints and tips  
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