Biocatalysis as a Tool for the Synthetic Chemist

21 - 22 February 2018, Madrid, Spain

The aim of the course is to give organic chemists an understanding and an overview of the subject of biotransformations. Attendees will learn about the main classes of enzymes and the transformations these enzymes carry out. Each transformation type will be illustrated with examples and case studies and the course will also include problem sessions where attendees will work on real examples applying biotransformations to organic synthesis. Recent developments in the field will be covered as well as an overview of the sort of equipment and resources required for research and scaling up biocatalytic reactions. Several industrial examples of biocatalysis will be discussed. The Course will conclude with a comparison of biocatalysis and chemocatalysis.
NH Hotel Principe de Vergara

NH Hotel Principe de Vergara, Principe de Vergara 92, Madrid, 28006 , Spain

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