SL CHECKING: XIIth International School on Organometallic Chemistry Marcial Moreno Mañas

12 June 2019 15:00 - 14 June 2019 19:00, Castellón, Spain

The International School on Organometallic Chemistry “Marcial Moreno Mañas” is an annual activity organized by the ORFEO-CINQA Network. The meeting aims to get together young students, early career researchers and well-recognized, world-leading scientists in a good atmosphere to facilitate and generate exchange of scientific information and knowledge.
The XIIth edition of the school will be held from June 12th to 14th 2019 in Castellón, a Mediterranean-style city in the east of Spain, with wide-ranging cultural and gastronomic activities, and beautiful sand-covered beaches. The school will feature: 8 plenary lectures, and a large number of oral and flash presentations.The oral contributions and flash presentations will be selected from the attendants.
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Sponsorship & supporting organisations
European Chemical Society (EuChems)
Real Sociedad Española de Química (RSEQ)
Grupo Especializado de Química Organometálica (GEQO)
Grupo Especializado de Química Orgánica (GEQOR)
Royal Society of Chemistry-Dalton Division

Universitat jaume I

Universitat jaume I, Av. Vicente Sos Baynat, s/n, Castellón, 12006, Spain

Organised by
ORFEO-CINQA Research Network
Jaume I University

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