Topics in Molecular Science and Engineering

13 May 2019 09:00-18:00, London, United Kingdom

This symposium will bring together leaders in the field of molecular engineering, whose research aims to achieve function through molecular-scale design. Talks will cover a range of topics, including liquid crystals, organic solar cells, drug therapies, and corrosion-resistant surfaces. The interdisciplinary nature of the meeting will encourage collaboration across the molecular engineering community, highlighting the common approaches in this broad range of topics.


Chair: Professor Claire Adjiman (Institute for Molecular Science and Engineering, Imperial College London)

Professor Juan de Pablo (Institute for Molecular Engineering, University of Chicago): "Liquid Crystals - From Simple Self-Assembled Constructs, to Autonomous Materials"
Professor Samson Jeneke (University of Washington): "Molecular Engineering of Non-fullerene Organic Solar Cells"
Professor Linda Broadbelt (Northwestern University): "Molecular Design through Kinetic Modeling and Reaction Pathway Analysis"
Professor Luke Connal (Australian National University): "Synergistic dynamic chemistries to control soft matter function"
Professor Andrew Ferguson (Institute for Molecular Engineering, University of Chicago): "Deep learning of collective variables to understand and accelerate biomolecular folding"
Professor Patrick Stayton (Molecular Engineering and Sciences Institute, University of Washington): "Engineering Intracellular Drug Therapies For Global Health and Cancer Applications"
Professor Nic Harrison (Institute for Molecular Science and Engineering, Imperial College London): "Molecular Engineering of Corrosion-Resistant Surfaces"

Registration and Call for Abstracts

Registration is open now!

Internal and external students, postdocs, academics and industrialists are very welcome to register and submit poster abstracts.  There will be prizes for the best poster presentations!

Poster abstract submission: email your abstract as a Word document to  Abstracts should be maximum 400 words, and no more than one page of A4 (including figures and any references).  Please include: poster title, authors (indicate presenting author), and affiliations. 

Deadline for poster abstract submission: Monday 29th April

Deadline for registration: Monday 6th May


This event is a full-day symposium, including lunch and late-afternoon poster session.  Full details of the programme will be uploaded to the main website due course.


The symposium is co-organised by MSDE, the Royal Society of Chemistry’s molecular engineering journal. MSDE aims to be a hub for cutting-edge research into how understanding of molecular properties, behaviour and interactions can be used to design and assemble better materials, systems and processes to achieve specific functions. The journal has a truly interdisciplinary nature – bringing together physics, biology, chemistry, engineering, and materials science – and covers experimental, theoretical and computational research across all aspects of molecular engineering and the design of functional systems.
Sponsorship & supporting organisations
MSDE, Royal Society of Chemistry
Imperial College London, South Kensington Campus

tbc, Imperial College London, South Kensington Campus, Imperial College London, Exhibition Road, London, SW7 2AZ, United Kingdom

Organised by
Institute for Molecular Science and Engineering, Imperial College London
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