IYPT 2019 For Your Inspiration: The Elements of Success

15 November 2019 18:00-21:00, London, United Kingdom

To celebrate the International Year of the Periodic Table the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Royal Institution are partnering to deliver a career event for 12+years. The evening is set to inspire future chemists by demonstrating the diversity and wealth of chemistry careers to a young audience.

Professor Saiful Islam will talk about his own work and what inspired him to become a chemical scientist illustrating some of his points with live experiments. After the talk guests can explore three different career zones where industry representatives and researchers from academia will be offering hands-on-activities and describing the use of the elements in their work.

Confirmed exhibitors:
  • Astra Zeneca: Find out about careers in the pharmaceutical industry and how portable spectroscopy is being used to keep patients safe from counterfeit medicines. 
  • The Building Blocks of Battery Technology. Come and join ChemBAMs research staff who’ll be explaining how batteries operate and challenges in the form of giant Jenga sets designed to look like a real-life battery
  • C|D|T has developed a number of thin, flexible organic, printed electronic devices including OLED displays, sensors, transistors, and energy harvesters. They will be showcasing their prototype thermoelectric generator and explaining the materials and devices developed for image sensors.
  • Dovetailed: A design studio and innovation lab, the multidisciplinary team including chemists work on innovating with very novel technologies. They will be showcasing a  'kitchen robot' 3D printer that prints food.
  • Elements for Life: Make your name in elements, find out which elements make you strong and healthy, why cornflakes are magnetic, how precious metal anticancer drugs work, and whether catalysts could be drugs of the future.
  • Green Light For Chemistry. Discover how light and electricity can replace toxic reagents currently used in chemical manufacturing by trying out our bespoke reactors.
  • Johnson Matthey: Discover which elements are inside a battery and how they can be recycled. Try out some computer modelling to see how to improve the performance of batteries
  • The Hydrogen Bike: Explore the world of renewable energy and the challenges that lay ahead in forming a 100% renewable energy landscape. Come and donate your energy using TheHydrogenBike and watch in real time as we store that energy as hydrogen gas. You can watch it being used on demand and even get to light your own flame to see hydrogen burning. This is a unique opportunity to see a flame burning that gives off no carbon dioxide.
  • NotPla: Chemists are finding alternatives to plastic packaging. NotPla will be demonstrating some innovative environmentally friendly materials.
  • Surface Coatings: a large sector employing chemists, though you cannot always see them, coatings are everywhere: on our jackets, walls, cars and computers, to name just a few places. They play a part in a broad range of industries, from automotive to construction.
Royal Institution of Great Britain

Royal Institution of Great Britain, 21 Albemarle Street, London, W1S 4BS, United Kingdom

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