Challenges in Inorganic and Materials Chemistry (ISACS8)

19 - 22 July 2012, Toronto, Canada

Challenges in Inorganic and Materials Chemistry was the second event in the International Symposium on Advancing the Chemical Sciences (ISACS) series in 2012 and the first of the series to take place in Canada. ISACS8 built upon the success of ISACS3 which took place in 2010 on the same topic.

Both inorganic and materials chemistry are key areas of research that will play a significant role in meeting some of the biggest issues facing mankind in the future. ISACS 8 will focus in on a number of these areas, outlining some of the most recent successes as well as some of the major challenges that lay ahead.


The conference aimed to bring together exceptional researchers - all leading names in their field - for an outstanding plenary programme, complemented by contributed talks, together with extensive poster sessions that will provide many networking opportunities.


Organometallic Chemistry
Porous Materials
Main Group Chemistry
Materials for Energy              

Scientific Committee

Professor Doug Stephan (Chair)
University of Toronto, Canada

Professor Christopher C. Cummins
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Dr Phil Dyer
Durham University, UK

Dr John Errington
Newcastle University, UK

Professor Jeffrey Long
University of California Berkeley, USA

Dr Stephen Skinner
Imperial College, UK

Invited speakers at Challenges in Inorganic and Materials Chemistry (ISACS8) included:

Simon Aldridge
University of Oxford

R. Tom Baker 
University of Ottawa, Canada

Viola I. Birss
University of Calgary, Canada

Paul J. Chirik
Princeton University, USA

George Christou 
University of Florida, USA  

William Dichtel
Cornell University, USA

François P. Gabbaï
Texas A&M University, USA

Clare Grey
University of Cambridge, UK

Sossina Haile
California Institute of Technology, USA

Joseph T. Hupp
Northwestern University, USA

Noritaka Mizuno 
The University of Tokyo, Japan

Russell Morris
University of St Andrews, UK

Kyoko Nozaki
The University of Tokyo, Japan

Warren E. Piers
University of Calgary, Canada

Annie K. Powell
Karlsruhe University, Germany

Roberta Sessoli
University of Florence, Italy

Joan Valentine
University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Confirmed contributed speakers include:

Merle Arrowsmith
University og Bath, UK

Rahul Bannerjee
National Chemical Laboratory, India

John Errington
Newcastle University, UK

Joshua Figueroa
University of California, USA

Tomislav Friscic
McGill University, Canada

Stephen Liddle
University of Nottingham, UK

Stephen Loeb
University of Windsor, Canada

Paul Ragogna
Western University, Canada

Gill Reid
University of Southampton, UK

Adam S Viege
University of Florida, USA


Sponsorship & supporting organisations
University of Toronto

Medical Sciences Lecture Theatre, University of Toronto, 27 King's College Circel, Toronto, M5S 1A1, Canada

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