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Astrochemistry of Dust, Ice and Gas: Faraday Discussion 168

7 - 9 April 2014, 2211 XT Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands

The Universe is littered with the debris of dead and dying stars. This debris includes large quantities of micron and sub-micron size dust grains. For generations astronomers seeking to unravel the complexity of the Universe have been frustrated by such dust blocking their view of many galaxies and the oldest parts of the Universe. However, we now recognise that these cold dusty regions are in fact the progenitors of evolution in the modern Universe. Rich in chemical complexity, they are known to be the sites of star and planet formation and even the host for molecules that are necessary for the development of life itself. 

The young interdisciplinary science of Astrochemistry, lying at the interface of Astronomy, Astrophysics, Physics and Chemistry, has become a critical science in not only elucidating the products, mechanisms and rates of the chemistry that dominates the Universe but also for determining the physical properties of the molecular gas clouds that form stars and planets. 


The Faraday discussion meeting aims to address the cyclic role of dust in the chemical evolution of the Universe, from its synthesis in aged and dying stars, through its role in the gas-grain interaction in increasingly dense environments in the interstellar medium (ISM) through to grain-grain collisions and the first steps in the construction of new stars and planetary systems. 

The scientific programme will bring together leading computational and experimental scientists working to unlock the secrets of the gas-grain interaction with astronomers engaged in observing and understanding star and planet formation and the role of icy dust grains in these processes and potentially chemists and biologists seeking to understand the first tentative steps toward life on our own planet and others!


The Faraday Division have been organising high impact Faraday Discussions in rapidly developing areas of physical chemistry and its interfaces with other scientific disciplines for over 100 years.

Faraday Discussions have a special format where research papers written by the speakers are distributed to all participants before the meeting, and most of the meeting is devoted to discussing the papers. Everyone contributes to the discussion - including presenting their own relevant research. The research papers and a record of the discussion are published in the journal Faraday Discussions.


  • Observations on Dust, Ice and Gas relevant to Astrochemistry
  • Laboratory Astrochemistry of Dust and Ice
  • Astrophysical Modelling
  • New Directions in Solid and Surface Astrochemistry 


NH Conference Centre Leeuwenhorst

NH Conference Centre Leeuwenhorst, Langelaan, 3, 2211 XT Noordwijkerhout, 2211 XT, Netherlands

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