Royal Society of Chemistry Symposium 2014: Waste Not, Want Not - Profit from Sustainable Chemistry

18 - 19 June 2014, Budapest, Hungary

An international symposium that will address the challenges facing small scale businesses in minimising waste and operating at a profit using sustainable chemistry. Innovative developments in this field will be highlighted. Topics include: Design for a Circular Economy; Plastics Recycling; Solvent/gas recovery and recycling; Scarce elements extraction, substitution and recovery; Use of waste products as starting materials (waste valorisation).
Sponsorship & supporting organisations
Chemistry Innovation. 2014 Chemspec Europe and Chemsource Exhibitions organised by Quartz Chemicals.
Chemspec Europe 2014

Chemspec Europe 2014, Budapest, Hungary

Organised by
Royal Society of Chemistry Speciality Chemicals Sector and Chemistry Innovation.
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