Carbon in Electrochemistry: Faraday Discussion 172

28 - 30 July 2014, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Carbon is ubiquitous in electrochemical research and has played an important role in the development of the discipline. Carbon paste and glassy carbon electrodes have been indispensable in electroanalysis as cheap alternatives to noble metals.

The development of the carbon fibre microelectrode revolutionised the use of electrochemical measurements in investigating biological function. In recent years the use of carbon in more novel forms (e.g. carbon nanotubes, graphene) has impacted on all areas of fundamental and applied electrochemistry and this is likely to continue into the future. Advanced electrochemical techniques such as scanning electrochemical microscopy, electrochemical AFM and spectroelectrochemistry have moreover increased our understanding of the interfacial properties of traditional carbon electrode materials.

Carbon also plays an important role in technologically applied areas of electrochemistry -  in energy generation and storage and catalyst support. The use of carbon electrodes thus spans a range of disciplines, requiring input from materials chemists, engineers and physicists as well as those engaged in more traditional aspects of electrochemistry. The subject area is of both academic and technological relevance. The discussion will be of relevance to several of the RSC roadmap priorities, particularly energy, underpinning chemical science, water and health.


This meeting aims to provide an opportunity for researchers from different backgrounds and disciplines to interact. 


The Faraday Division have been organising high impact Faraday Discussions in rapidly developing areas of physical chemistry and its interfaces with other scientific disciplines for over 100 years. 
Faraday Discussions have a special format where research papers written by the speakers are distributed to all participants before the meeting, and most of the meeting is devoted to discussing the papers. Everyone contributes to the discussion - including presenting their own relevant research. The research papers and a record of the discussion are published in the journal Faraday Discussions.


  • Graphene, carbon nanotubes and carbon at the nanoscale
  • Diamond and sp3 carbons in electrochemistry
  • Carbon electrodes in electrochemical energy technology
  • Understanding and controlling the carbon interface                       


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The Edge, University of Sheffield

The Edge, University of Sheffield, The Endcliffe Village, Endcliffe Crescent, Sheffield, S10 3ED, United Kingdom

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