Philip Allan Events: More iPads in Science

9 March 2015, TBC, United Kingdom

Wondering where to go next with this highly motivational tool? Looking for new ways to engage students with Science and support a range of key curricular outcomes?

Packed with a wealth of practical ideas for increasing students’ engagement with their own learning, this course will explore a range of more advanced strategies with popular apps, increasing student motivation and easing the burden of planning and assessment. A key feature of the advanced course will be exploring ways in which data, text, sound images and video captured in one iPad based activity can then be used as content to support others, such developing explanations.

Attend this course to:
1. Learn how students can use the iPad to develop ideas and explanations, strengthening their grasp of Science
2. Consider the iPad as a way of identifying misconceptions and areas where progress has been made, to make teaching more effective
3. Explore the use of the iPad for resource management and organisation of teaching materials
4. Examine how workflow can be managed effectively, with assignments set, feedback given and progress tracked

Apps to download:
Educreation – free
Pdf Expert – £6.99
Nearpod – free
iMovie – £2.99
Socrative – free
Edmodo – free
Oscope – £2.99
Vernier Video Physics – £2.99
QR Reader – free
Aurasma – free
Showbie – free
SloPro – free
Tellagami – free
Explain Everything – £1.99
Spacecraft 3D – free
iMotion HD – free
London, venue not known yet

London, venue not known yet, TBC, TBC, TBC, United Kingdom

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