25th International Society of Heterocyclic Chemistry Congress, Santa Barbara CA

23 - 28 August 2015, Santa Barbara, United States

You are cordially invited to attend the 25th ISHC Congress from Aug 23-28, 2015 in beautiful Santa Barbara http://www.ishc-web.org . Early registration won't begin April 2015, however, save that week for next summer. This will be a rather inexpensive way for you and your significant other to stay in dorms on the beach, hear about new heterocyclic chemistry, BBQ on the beach, and perhaps take a wine tasting tour of the fabled Santa Ynez valley. The current ISHC president Daniel Comins is in the process of arranging short talks and invited lectures. In addition, we anticipate 100-150 posters. Those spots will be assigned upon completion of the registration process.
  • Phil Baran Scripps, CA, United States
  • Larry Overman UC Irvine, United States
  • Brian Stolz Caltech, United States
  • Andre Charette U of Montrea, Canada
  • Christina White U of IL, United States
  • Matt Shair Harvard, United States
  • Dean Toste Berkeley, United States
  • John Wood Baylor Univ, United States
  • Janine Cossy ESPCI, Paris, France
  • Andy Evans University, Canada
  • Christian Melander University, United States
  • Antonio Burtoloso University, Brazil
  • Flavio Emery, University, Brazil
  • Xu Bai University, China
  • David Lupton University, Australia
  • Hidetoshi Tokuyama University, Japan
  • Magnus Rueping University, Germany
  • Andrew Flick University, United States
  • Scott Frank University, United States
  • Nuno Maulide University, Austria
  • Margaret Brimble University, New Zealand
  • Zlatko Janeba University, Czech Republic
  • Geraldine Masson University, France
  • Chris Ramsden University, United Kingdom
  • Naoki Toyooka University, Japan
  • Krishna Kaliappan University, India
  • Chris Stevens University, Belgium
  • R. Gámez Montaño University, Mexico

Sponsorship & supporting organisations
Thieme and Others
University of California, Santa Barbara CA 93160-9510

University of California, Santa Barbara CA 93160-9510, Dept Chem and Biochem, Santa Barbara, 93160, United States

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