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From Big Data to Chemical Information

22 April 2015, London, United Kingdom

Large and complex data sets, often referred to as "Big Data", can be difficult to manage and analyse using conventional processes and software tools. Such data sets exist in many disciplines, and chemistry is no exception. Most chemists are familiar with the huge growth in the number of compounds registered in databases in the public domain, the majority of which have data associated with them. Many will also have struggled with increasingly large data sets generated through their work, often stored in spreadsheets with limited analytical capabilities. The CICAG, in partnership with the EPSRC's Dial-a-Molecule Grand Challenge Network, is therefore organising a scientific meeting to explore the challenges presented by big data in chemistry.

What will be covered?
In this meeting we will explore the problems of data overload, opportunities that large data sets can present, and potential IT solutions to help chemists obtain information and knowledge from data repositories. Topics will include:

• Managing large data sets
• Differentiating between relevant and irrelevant data
• The importance of data quality and integrity
• Contextualisation and classification of data
• The role of data standards and metadata
• Data integration

Follow the links on this page to see the full programme and meeting registration form.

Who should attend?
Anyone with an interest in the management of chemical data and information, in the efficient exchange of ideas and the way in which computers, the web and internet can most appropriately advance chemical understanding and innovation. The event will be relevant to industrial, commercial, publishing, governmental and educational organisations.

How can you contribute?
As well as the talks from expert speakers there will be plenty of opportunity for discussion and networking. A record will be made of the meeting, including the discussion, and will be made available initially to those attending the meeting.
The Royal Society of Chemistry

Science Room, The Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BA, United Kingdom

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