When chemistry and art collide

5 February 2015, London, United Kingdom

Artists have always used available materials to create their works of art. With the development of new materials, many created by chemists, the scope for artists is even greater.

Craft Moiré inspired optical illusions with crazy wire. Create images with UV light and plastic. Explore how gravity, pendulums, and paint can create unusual works of art. Come and see how chemistry and art collide in this hands-on workshop that is more than your average art lesson.

Start time 10.00
End time 13.30

Please note that registration will close 7 days before the event.

This event is suitable for students aged 14-16
Sponsorship & supporting organisations
ChemNet/Jointly organised with Jasmine Pradissitto/Sponsored by We would like to thank the Mayor of London and the Department for Education for their funding of this event through the London Schools Excellence Fund
Chemistry Centre

Science Room, Chemistry Centre, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BA, United Kingdom

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