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9th Annual Clinical Trial Billing and Research Compliance Conference

8 - 11 February 2015, San Antonio, United States

This year’s 9th Annual Clinical Trial Billing and Research Compliance Conference brings together senior leadership from sites, research teams, sponsors, Medicare, and other payers and financial groups to discuss strategies for process improvement for billing compliance in clinical trials. In hospital, physician practice and clinic settings, these topics still remain a challenge. Creating a collaborative culture between the government payers, the commercial payers, the sites and the patients will only enhance everyone’s effectiveness in preventing any type of incorrect billing and non-existent reimbursement.

The conference addresses oversight issues as management, financial and research teams combine efforts to “do the right thing” and always seek reimbursement from the correct payer for routine costs in a qualifying trial. What makes a trial “qualifying”? How does a coverage analysis help? What tools do you need in place? Why is it that some of the rules with payers are confusing? How do device and drug studies differ? We examine risk management strategies to maintain compliance and achieve excellence at your facility.

There will be discussions on how we all interface with each other in this exciting field! Those responsible for billing and research compliance will benefit. The companies they represent will increase their billing compliance excellence across their organizations. With increasing demands constantly needing to be addressed, you cannot afford to miss this excellent opportunity to network with thought leaders in our field of clinical trial billing compliance.
Hotel Contessa

Hotel Contessa, 306 W. Market Street, San Antonio, 78205, United States

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