LC MD Strategies to Exploit Selectivity

6 October 2015, Bristol, United Kingdom

(U)HPLC Method Development Strategies to Exploit Selectivity

In this seminar, we review the importance of chromatographic selectivity from a theoretical and practical perspective and how this relates to analyte resolution for method development. With an understanding of selectivity and using a variety of chromatographic data, we discuss phase design principles and how it is possible to introduce functionality that enhances selectivity, whilst maximising other desirable phase attributes such as phase stability, reproducibility and mechanisms of interaction. The resulting novel phases are explored for their improved chromatographic performance, selectivity and value in method development for a range of analytes and separations. Finally, method development approaches are discussed and pragmatic, simple method development platforms are illustrated based upon rational phase and eluent choice.

• Chromatographic selectivity
• Stationary phase design
• Examples
• Alternative phases
• Conclusions
The Bristol Conference Centre

The Bristol Conference Centre, The Wylands, Lower High Street, Shirehampton, Bristol, BS11 0DA, United Kingdom

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