Carbohydrate Active Enzymes in Medicine and Biotechnology

19 - 21 August 2015, St Andrews, Fife, United Kingdom

Carbohydrate active enzymes are vital in an abundance of cellular processes. Malfunction of these enzymes is often implicated in diseases, and they catalyse biotechnologically important reactions. Fundamental to carbohydrate manipulation is gaining an understanding of such enzymes from a mechanistic, bioengineering, structural, functional and biological viewpoint.

Insights into carbohydrate active enzymes in medicine
Use of carbohydrate active enzymes in biotechnology
Understanding mechanism and structure of carbohydrate active enzymes
Exploiting carbohydrate active enzymes in biosynthesis

Featuring Prize and Award Lectures from Sabine Flitsch – Royal Society of Chemistry Interdisciplinary Prize 2014, Gideon Davies – Royal Society of Chemistry Khorana Prize 2014 and Glyn Hemsworth – Biochemical Society Early Career Research Award.
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Biochemical Society TRANSACTIONS Portland Press Limited
University of St Andrews

University of St Andrews, College Gate, St Andrews, Fife, KY16 9AJ, United Kingdom

Organised by
Tracey Gloster (University of St. Andrews, UK) Rob Field (John Innes Centre, UK) Gideon Davies (University of York, UK) Jerry Turnbull (University of Liverpool, UK)
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