1st Tunisian Chemical Society Conference on Coordination Chemistry

8 - 10 May 2015, Hammamet, Tunisia

This is the 1st edition of the Tunisian Chemical Society Conference on Coordination Chemistry which aims at providing a forum for discussions of all aspects of coordination chemistry and to give an overview of the state of the art in this field. Young chemists are particularly encouraged to participate and they will find answers to questions that stimulate their continued research. Five subsections will focus on frontier topics of coordination chemistry, including recent results that would impact our daily life, such as development of new ligands for drug design, catalysts for modern plastics and functional nanomaterials. The meeting will help scientists to identify important applications of coordination compounds. The conference will bring together not only coordination chemists but also scientists with academic (biology, medicine, physics) or industrial background to share scientific knowledge in an interdisciplinary atmosphere and to foster collaboration between these scientists. This will generate significant impact regarding future research in coordination chemistry on an international level.
Sponsorship & supporting organisations
- Royal Society of Chemistry - RSC Dalton Division - University of Tunis-El Manar - Faculty of Sciences of Tunis - ATIC, Tunisia - NanoMAT, Tunisia
Sol Azur Beach Hotel

Sol Azur Beach Hotel, Sol Azur Beach Hotel, Hammamet, Hammamet, 2092, Tunisia

Organised by
- Tunisian Chemical Society - RSC Tunisia local section
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