Joliot-Curie Conference 2015

16 - 17 September 2015, Cambridge, United Kingdom


Now in its fourth year, the Joliot-Curie Conference is an annual event dedicated to raising the aspirations of young chemists (particularly those underrepresented in chemistry research careers in academia or industry) that promotes a diverse and inclusive culture in the workplace.

With an exciting programme of workshops, one-to-one consultations, and keynote speeches from world-renowned experts, the Joliot-Curie Conference seeks to:
• Raise awareness of research careers available and potential routes to access
• Provide information and support on issues that may act as barriers to choosing or
progressing in a research career
• Provide opportunities for delegates to develop communications skills and increase
their confidence when talking about and presenting their research
• Provide relevant information and tangible support during the event through targeted
group discussions and one-to-one sessions


Final year PhD students, post-doctoral researchers and other early career chemists in academia or industry from the UK or Republic of Ireland who aspire to establish an independent career in research are welcome to attend the conference.
The conference will be relevant to anyone affected by or interested in the diversity and inclusion topics covered.

“Some fantastic, timely, and concise advice at this conference: "Ask!", has led me to pursue (and create) opportunities more often, and with fewer worries about being seen as 'pushy' for putting myself forward. This has resulted in a number of great collaborations and initiatives that I have greatly enjoyed taking up, and which have definitely benefitted me professionally. I am more confident, quicker to overcome setbacks, and more optimistic.”

“I really enjoyed and benefitted from some much needed advice at this conference and can honestly say that it may well have saved my PhD. I was in such a difficult position with my supervisor, feeling lost and with no idea where to seek advice that I was concerned I would never finish. Following this conference I have reignited my drive to move my career forward.”

“I attended the conference at a bit of a low point, and I credit it (particularly discussions in small panels on the second day) with helping me to realise that actually: I love my job. This has helped immeasurably in focusing my plans, realising what's important to me (in terms of work/life balance as well as in terms of career), and helping me not to panic as I contemplate my upcoming maternity leave and time 'out of science'.”

History of the conference

The Joliot-Curie Conference is named in honour of Irène and Frédéric Joliot-Curie, a married couple who were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1935 for their work on the synthesis of radioactive elements. Both came from strong scientific backgrounds - Irène's parents were fellow Nobel laureates Pierre and Marie Curie - but they combined their passion for science with a keen awareness of broader political and social issues.

Irène campaigned tirelessly for women's education, supported by her husband who insisted that the Nobel Prize be shared between them. Because of their scientific achievements and pioneering work to overcome prejudice, the Joliot-Curies are fitting role models and we are pleased to name this Conference after them.

The daughter of the Joliot-Curies, Professor Hélène Langevin-Joliot, travelled from Paris to give the keynote address opening the conference in 2014. She is happy for future conferences to use the Joliot-Curie name precisely because it seeks to inspire its delegates not just to pursue, undaunted, a career in chemistry research, but to see themselves as the catalysts for cultural change that will lead to a more inclusive and diverse chemistry research community.

Irène Joliot-Curie is one of our 175 Faces of Chemistry, which aims to promote the diversity of the chemical sciences. Read her profile and many others on our website by following the more information link below.

Speakers include:
  • Charlotte Ashley-Roberts
  • Dr Nick Bampos
  • Professor Eleanor Campbell
  • Professor Nessa Carey
  • Professor Jane Clarke
  • Tinu Cornish
  • Dr Cecelia Fenech Brincat
  • Julie Franklin
  • Professor Melissa Hanna-Brown
  • Hanadi Jabado
  • Professor Nazira Karodia
  • Helen Pain
  • Professor Alison Rodger
  • Professor David Smith
Murray Edwards College

Murray Edwards College, New Hall, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, CB3 0DF, United Kingdom

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