3rd Roche and RSC Chemistry Symposium on Leading Science for Drug Discovery

24 - 25 October 2015, Shanghai, China

All of modern medicine is dependent on advances in chemistry and the healthcare goalposts have moved as the century has turned. We all face problems with the spreading of infectious disease on an unprecedented scale. Poorer nations struggle to afford or distribute expensive modern drugs, while in all nations drug resistance is growing. The exponentially increasing prevalence of non-infectious disease in an ageing population brings unforeseen and expensive challenges to healthcare.

Often the challenges to developing better healthcare lie in a lack of basic molecular-level understanding of the disease biology, a lack of sufficiently advanced tools and methods to detect and treat disease and to validate drug targets, or a lack of an arsenal of small and large molecules to engage drug targets thereby ameliorating diseases.

These are all challenges that chemical science research can contribute to overcome. By developing new biochemical tools to detect disease earlier, and more sensitive detection methods to monitor disease more closely, scientists will enable quicker diagnosis and more effective, less invasive monitoring of disease. Furthermore, equipped by modern synthetic methods and computational modelling based on structural biology, medicinal chemists are able to craft potent, selective and safe molecules to interact with biological targets, and turn them into drugs in collaboration with colleagues of other disciplines.

Roche and the Royal Society of Chemistry are committed to improving the standards of healthcare for people worldwide and have partnered to host a series of symposia in China on tackling medical issues through innovative and interdisciplinary chemical research.

This two-day scientific symposium will bring together leading international experts in drug discovery research particularly, in the anti-infectious disease arena, covering organic chemistry, chemical biology, structural biology and drug discovery technologies, in order to share expertise and best practice. With 6 outstanding young Chinese scholars, also the Roche Chinese Young Investigator Awardees, the first-day symposium will focus on pioneering research by emerging Chinese Scholars on topics in the fields of asymmetric catalysis, cross-coupling reactions, heterocyclic synthesis, and chemical and structural biology, particularly related to infectious diseases. The second-day symposium will showcase several cutting-edge talks and case studies of drug or drug candidate molecules by leading experts from both academia and industry.

Roche Chinese Young Investigator Award
This award was established to recognize outstanding young academic researchers in Chinese academic institutions. The awardee selection is based upon their outstanding research, publication record, and the impact to the field of organic or bioorganic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, or chemical biology particularly related to infectious diseases.

A list of 2014-2015 winners of the Roche Chinese Young Investigator Award can be seen and downloaded in the ‘Downloads’ session on this website.

The event is free to attend but we are asking everyone to register. Please use the book now button at the top of this page.

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Roche Training Center, 371 Li Shi Zhen Road, Shanghai, 201203, China

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