RSC Analytical Division Scotland Region Industrial Visit

2 June 2015, Ayrshire, United Kingdom

Members interested in attending this event MUST send the following information to the event organiser, Dr John MacLachlan, by 24th April 2015 so that security checks can be carried out:
- Full name
- Date of Birth
- Nationality (and NI number if a UK citizen)
- Employers name, address and telephone number (students should provide their university's details; retired members their home address).
Attendees must bring their passport and safety shoes to the visit, and any classified radiation workers must bring their radiation passbook. If you don't have safety shoes please contact Dr MacLachlan, who can arrange for these to be provided. Maximum 20 attendees.
Hunterston A Nuclear Power Station

Hunterston A Nuclear Power Station, West Kilbride, Ayrshire, KA23 9RA, United Kingdom

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