Fireworks and Waterworks - A Spectacular Chemistry Demonstration

5 November 2015, Cambridge, United Kingdom

We are delighted to welcome back the inimitable Dr Andy Szydlo for this year's Bonfire Night spectacular Chemistry lecture (his 2014 Cambridge lecture was truly memorable!). He will dazzle, entertain and educate his audience with a series of spectacular science demonstrations.

The purpose of the lecture will be to illustrate chemical and physical processes involving fire and liquids ('water'). The reactions themselves will be audibly and visually spectacular, but the fundamental purpose of the talk will be to explain the science behind the effects.

An enthusiastic and engaging science communicator, Dr Szydlo frequently gives lectures in the UK and has appeared on Channel 4's TV series That'll teach 'em. He is also an expert on the history of alchemy. His book, Water that does not wet hands: The Alchemy of Michael Sendivogius, tells the story of an unfairly forgotten Polish alchemist.

Running time 19.00-20.30

WARNING - There will be smoke, bright flashes and loud bangs!

The lecture is for all ages (>8), but not suitable for those with a nervous disposition.
University of Cambridge

Bristol-Myers-Squibb lecture theatre, University of Cambridge, Dept. of Chemistry, Lensfield Rd, Cambridge, CB2 1EW, United Kingdom

Organised by
RSC Mid-Anglia Section SCI Cambridge and Great Eastern Section
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