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Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand Safety World Summit

1 - 2 October 2015, London, United Kingdom

"Combating the rising threat of drug counterfeit to enable safety"

1-2 Oct 2015 @ The Kensington Close Hotel, London, UK

Counterfeit drugs pose a huge threat to the public health worldwide. They are also a great challenge for the pharmaceutical industries. The WHO International Medical Products Anti-Counterfeiting Taskforce (IMPACT) estimates that in many developing countries more than 30 percent of medicines may be counterfeit.

The impacts of these illegal drugs are significantly high. The problem is not limited to developing countries but also rampant in the US and EU. With growth in Internet and online marketing the problem has escalated multiple folds.
Thus, strategies and technologies that can stop the entry of counterfeit medicines into the supply chain and from reaching the patients becomes very significant. Anti-counterfeiting technologies thus provides product authentication and tracking though the supply chain that prevents the entry of counterfeit medicines.

Key themes discussed in this conference:
• Current anti-counterfeiting market trends
• Social media and online pharmacy
• Securing supply chain integrity
• Serialisation strategies and globalisation
• Packaging and labelling technologies and trends
• Brand protection
• IP and regulatory enforcement
• Strategies for public awareness and patient protection
• Future anti-counterfeiting technologies

The conference provides a great opportunity to meet the key decision makers from the industry all over the world.

Advanced Online Booking (including VAT before 10th September): £720
Standard Registration (including VAT from 11th September): £1197.60
Advanced Online Group Discount (3 for 2 including VAT): £1440

Speakers: Yoav Karen Israel, Jordan Switzerland, Roger Pallavicini Switzerland, Martin FitzGerald Ireland, Joakim Gustafsson Germany, Sophie Molle Belgium, Johan Verhaeghe Belgium, Jose Henrique Vasi Werner Brazil, Adesina Iluyemi UK, Patrik Merckell Switzerland, Plus Many more

Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
The Kensington Close Hotel

The Kensington Close Hotel, wrights lane, London, W8 5SP, United Kingdom

Organised by
Graviton Events Limited UK
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