Elements of life and medicines

9 November 2015, Coventry, United Kingdom

If living things, including us, are just made of chemicals, then we should be able to create life in a beaker. Join Prof Peter Sadler of Warwick University as he attempts to do just that!

Which elements of the periodic table are essential for life? Are they all coded for by genomes, and if so how? We will discover that there are many things about the elements of life and medicines that we do not understand. The inorganic chemistry of life is relatively unexplored and may hold the key to treating intractable diseases and to understanding the origin of life itself.

Come along to see practical demonstrations and explore this fascinating topic. There will also be a quiz and prizes. Refreshments from 4:30, talk 5-6 pm.

To Register Contact ChemNet@rsc.org

Please note that registration will close 7 days before the event.

This event is suitable for students aged 14-18.ChemNet members/non-members/teachers/parents

Organised by ChemNet with the University of Warwick
Bablake School

Bablake School, Coundon Road, Coventry, CV1 4AU, United Kingdom

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