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8 December 2015 18:00-20:30, Durham, United Kingdom

Prof. Karl Coleman will deliver a brief history of nanocarbons such as Buckminsterfullerenes and carbon nanotubes, moving through to the most recent addition, graphene and its synthesis, properties and applications.

Dr. David Parker will then give a presentation aiming to link his career in chemistry (and beyond) with notable events/periods linked to catalysis and materials. Beginning with PhD studies through post docs, a substantive period with ICI and then as an independent consultant he will highlight how catalysis and materials has intertwined with career development. He will also discuss how (many) of these excursions have had a major impact on his own career, and benefits accrued by his sponsors.
Sponsorship & supporting organisations
The University of Durham
University of Durham

Chemistry Department Rooms CG141 (Pre-Talk Reception) & CG218 (Talk), University of Durham, Chemistry Department, University of Durham, Durham, DH1 3LE, United Kingdom

Organised by
The Royal Society of Chemistry, Teesside Local Section
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