AWE/RSC Thames Valley Section Christmas Lectures

2 December 2015 19:00-22:00, Reading, United Kingdom

The evening will be introduced by Dr Norman Godfrey, AWE’s Deputy Chief Scientist.
This year we are pleased to announce two guest speakers:
Dr Hilary Jeffreys will present “The Revolution in Technical Skills – The role of the new degree apprenticeships and vocational qualifications”, and Dr Nick Evans will present “What were they thinking? – Radioactive Quackery”.
Attendance is free.
Please email if you wish to reserve a place.

“The Revolution in Technical Skills – The role of the new degree apprenticeships and vocational qualifications”
Dr Hilary Jeffreys
The presentation will raise awareness of vocational training and its importance in supporting future business skills requirements.   It will cover the new apprenticeships that are being developed in the Life Sciences and Industrial Sciences field including the flagship Degree Apprenticeships that have been approved by the government this year.  Degree Apprenticeship not only include a full bachelor's degree as a core component but also contain real on-the-job experience and assessment of occupational competency.  The important benefits to employers, apprentices, colleges, universities and professional bodies will be highlighted along with how to take advantage of the opportunities.
Speaker biography:
Hilary graduated from the University of Aberdeen with a PhD in Chemistry.  She has over 25 years working in the technical field within the pharmaceutical industry.
Hilary is currently playing a leading role in the successful development and promotion of chemical science and related skills, both on a local and national basis.  She has increased awareness of opportunities through STEM ambassadors and engaged with local businesses and schools in the North Devon area. This inclusive strategy has reached diverse audiences and provided guidance to students, parents and teachers about career opportunities through apprenticeships routes in addition to traditional academic study. This has had a positive impact in a region which has not traditionally been a science stronghold.
Hilary has also taken a leading role in apprenticeships for more than 10 years both as an assessor and in the development of the new national apprenticeship standards as part of the Trailblazer project.  This includes the development of the first degree apprenticeship standards (Laboratory Scientist) and high level assessment approach, working with employers, professional bodies, BIS and providers.
She won the national awards Outstanding Leadership in Skills Award in 2014 and Inspiration and Industry Award in 2015.  Hilary is currently the Chair of the RSC’s Admissions Committee.
“What were they thinking? – Radioactive Quackery”
Dr Nick Evans
A personal selection from the many mis/abuses of ionising radiation over the last 100 plus years.
Speaker biography:
Nick Evans trained as a Chemist at the University of Southampton. He then took an MSc in Analytical Chemistry at Loughborough University, and did his PhD on “Studies on Metal-isosaccharinic acid complexes’ at Loughborough under the supervision of Prof. Peter Warwick. He was then appointed as a Research Associate and has worked on organic complexation in the Near Field of a Radioactive Waste Repository and on radionuclide transport in the environment. He was appointed as a Lecturer in Radiochemistry at Loughborough in 2007, and Senior Lecturer in 2011. He is Chair of the Division of Nuclear and Radiochemistry in EuCheMS. He teaches radiochemistry to undergraduates and postgraduates at Loughborough.

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William Penney Theatre, Aldermaston Recreational Society, Aldermaston, Reading, RG7 4PR, United Kingdom

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