Fully booked: 7th UK – Japan Symposium on Fundamental Research Advances in Carbon Nanomaterials

13 June 2016 08:30-18:00, London, United Kingdom

Understanding the chemical properties of carbon nanomaterials including carbon nanotubes, nanowires, nanodiamonds, fullerenes and graphene is key to determining their role in future applications in energy storage and conversion, sensors, electronic devices and drug delivery. This symposium will focus on understanding the electrical, thermal, chemical and mechanical properties of carbon-based materials and their potential applications as materials for tomorrow’s needs.
The Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ) and Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) have collaborated on several successful joint activities in recent years including six symposia so far (2007 in Osaka, 2008 in Belfast, 2010 in London, 2013 in Kyoto, 2014 in Dublin, 2015 in Chiba).  In 2010, an international cooperation agreement was signed for the establishment of a continuous communication and exchange in the field of chemistry and related areas of knowledge for the benefit of both the Japanese and United Kingdom [UK] chemical communities. This agreement was renewed in 2015 in Japan for the next five years. We hope that this 7th UK-Japan symposium will provide a springboard for future activities and that it will foster new research collaborations.
We look forward to continuing our close partnership with the Chemical Society of Japan and we are also very thankful to the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) for their help in supporting this symposium on the topic of fundamental research advances in carbon nanomaterials.

Poster Prize Winners

There were 2 poster prizes awarded at this event. They were won by the following:

Sustainable carbons for the oxygen reduction reaction in fuel cells
Kathrin Preuss, Queen Mary, University of London, United Kingdom

Probing the adsorption of carbon nanotubes at liquid/liquid Interfaces: Electrochemistry as a tool for investigation & modification
Aminu Rabiu, University of Manchester
Abstract Submission
Abstract submission is invited for Poster Abstracts.

Poster Abstract deadline: 18 May 2016

Follow the link to submit your abstract.
Registration is free to attend and includes:
  • Attendance at all lectures on 13 June
  • A copy of the abstract book / event pack
  • Refreshments and lunch

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