CIM Monolith Chromatography for Biomolecules

4 October 2016 15:15-17:00, Cambridge, United Kingdom

CIM Monolith Chromatography for Biomolecules 
Convective Interaction Media (CIM) monolith chromatography is the latest innovative FPLC/HPLC technique for the separation and analysis of biomolecules.
This technique, based on convective mass transfer, offers flow-independent resolution and flow-independent binding capacity for biomolecule separations. This seminar examines how monolith chromatography can increase the efficiency and resolution of in-process analytics for bioprocessing applications. Practical aspects for rapid method development will be discussed and real examples from viral vaccine, gene therapy and therapeutic antibody production will be discussed.
Convective mass transfer theory
Practical hints and tips
Method development
Real examples and data
Selectivity and how to use it
Summary and conclusions 
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Trinity Centre Cambridge

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