International Summer School: Colourful Chemistry

15 August 2016 09:00 - 26 August 2016 17:00, Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom


About the summer school

The summer school is a two-week intensive workshop for year 12 students, beginning their final year of study in September 2016. This free-of-charge event is aimed at students with an interest towards Chemistry.

This project will provide an introduction to the chemistry of dyes and will allow you to work in a chemistry laboratory. As part of this summer school, you will synthesise two different dyes (one organic and one inorganic) and will explore their optical properties using advanced spectroscopic techniques. You will also perform experiments focusing on different applications of dyes, including forensic chemistry, chemosensors, renewable energies and light emitting diodes (LEDs).

The course will be delivered by a group of professors and researchers from Teesside University and Newcastle University. We will give a flavour of our research, by providing the opportunity to participate and explore the spectacular chemistry of dyes with our hands-on activities, lectures and laboratory experiments.

The course will take place from the 15th to the 26th of August 2016 and is aimed at 30 students from the UK and Spain.

What you will learn

This summer school is based on hands-on activities, with most of the time being spent in the laboratory. The activities for this project have been divided in three groups:

1) Synthesis: you will have the opportunity to synthesise an organic and an inorganic dye.

2) Characterisation: you will perform experiments to study the physico-chemical properties of dyes by absorption, luminescence and infrared spectroscopies and by nuclear magnetic resonance.

3) Real applications of dyes: you will use different dyes to detect fingerprints and blood (forensic chemistry), to prepare solar cells (renewable energies), to detect metal ions (sensor) or to build a LED (light emitting diode).


The course will take place from the 15th to the 26th of August 2016, Monday-Friday between 9 am - 12 pm and 2 - 5 pm. The summer school is aimed at 30 students from the UK and Spain,
and is funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Foundation Catalonia-La Pedrera.

The two-week intensive summer school will take place in the School of Chemistry at Newcastle University (Building 20 in the following map:
Address: Bedson Building, Edward’s Walk, NE1 7RU, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.
Registration information:
The International Summer School is a free-of-charge event for year 12 students beginning their final year of study in September 2016. Public transport costs are not included in the registration.

Registration should be done through the following website:

Social activities

This summer school will host students from the UK and Spain. Social activities will be organised during the evenings (between 5 and 8 pm) and on Saturday 20th of August. The cost of these activities (approximately £120) is not included in the registration.
A gala dinner will be organised in Newcastle on Thursday 25th of August.

Further information

Please contact Dr Anna Reynal, Senior Lecturer in Chemistry at Teesside University (
Sponsorship & supporting organisations
We would like to thank the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Foundation Catalunya-La Pedrera.
Teesside University and Newcastle University

Teaching Laboratories, Bedson Building, Newcastle University, Teesside University and Newcastle University, Bedson Building, Edward's Walk, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 7RU, United Kingdom

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