2nd Zing Nanocrystals Conference

2 August 2016 12:00 - 5 August 2016 12:00, County Dublin, Ireland

We are proud to announce the 2nd Nanocrystals Zing conference, which will be held in Dublin, Ireland between 2nd – 5th of August 2016.

We seek to bring together researchers interested in the synthesis, characterization and manipulation of nanocrystals, as well as nanocrystal-based devices. The conference topics include, but are not limited to the following aspects:

Nanocrystal synthesis, shape-/structure-/composition-control, growth mechanisms and functionalization
Tailoring and processing of polymeric nanostructures, organic-inorganic nanocomposites and nano/biohydrids
Nanocrystal self-assembly, superlattices and superstructure determination
Nanocrystals for sensing, magnetic, thermoelectric, photovoltaic, battery and supercapacitor applications

Nanocrystals for nanomedicine (such as drug delivery), diagnostic, imaging/labeling and other biological/medical applications
Nanocrystals for chemical, (photo-) catalytic and electrocatalytic applications
Nanocrystals for electronic, photonic and optoelectronic applications
Nanocrystals for environmental and other energy/sustainability applications
Nanocrystals for other related topics

Contributions accepted for this conference will be presented either as oral or poster presentations. Both oral and poster presentations are vital to the success of the conference and are expected to be of similarly high technical quality. Participants should indicate their preference for oral or poster presentation in the submission of their abstracts. However, the scientific board will make the final decision on the presentation format (oral or poster).

For a full list of speakers please see the website.
Grand Hotel Dublin

Grand Hotel Dublin, Malahide, County Dublin, K36 XT65, Ireland

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“Zing Conferences strives to benefit the scientific and research community through our conferences.  Our objectives are driven by the desire to reinvest back into the scientific community and not for the profit of shareholders. We work towards strengthening the diversity and equality for young scientists by assisting in the cost of conference attendance for those up and coming scientists who have limited funds and who would not otherwise be able to attend or contribute to worldwide research. By enhancing the communication among scientists and promoting the inter-disciplinary message we aim to successfully cross-pollinate the theories of research in each and every one of our conferences.“
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