5th Zing Nucleic Acids Conference

2 December 2016 12:00 - 5 December 2016 12:00, Florida, United States

We are proud to announce the 5th Zing Nucleic Acids Conference will take place in December 2016 in Tampa, Florida.

Nucleic acids are the cell’s informational macromolecules. DNA is a repository of genetic information and must be accurately copied once and only once in each cell cycle. Its integrity is vital to the cell, and it is the only molecule that is repaired if damage occurs. DNA undergoes recombination that creates diversity and leads to evolution, yet also provides an important method of repair. In eukaryotic cells DNA is packaged into chromosomes in a way that allows it to be packed into the cell nucleus, yet accessible to the cells machinery for reading out its genetic information.

By contrast RNA is the ‘working substance’ of genetics and an extremely versatile molecule. Of course it is the messenger that passes the information between DNA and protein synthesis, yet it does so much more. It is the key component of the ribosome, as well as the tRNA species involved in translation. RNA can act as a molecular switch responding to small molecules in order to control gene expression, and can also accelerate chemical reactions by a million fold or more in the manner of an enzyme. Increasingly we realize that RNA is also involved in critical and complex regulatory processes. Indeed while most of the information in DNA is not protein coding, almost all of it is transcribed into RNA. We are only just beginning the long journey of understanding what all this non-coding RNA is doing – it is truly the ‘dark matter’ of biology !

Understanding processes involving DNA and RNA at the molecular and chemical level is the central theme of this conference.
Sirata Beach Resort and Conference Center

Sirata Beach Resort and Conference Center, 5300 Gulf Blvd, St. Pete Beach, Florida, 33706, United States

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“Zing Conferences strives to benefit the scientific and research community through our conferences.  Our objectives are driven by the desire to reinvest back into the scientific community and not for the profit of shareholders. We work towards strengthening the diversity and equality for young scientists by assisting in the cost of conference attendance for those up and coming scientists who have limited funds and who would not otherwise be able to attend or contribute to worldwide research. By enhancing the communication among scientists and promoting the inter-disciplinary message we aim to successfully cross-pollinate the theories of research in each and every one of our conferences.“
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