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NOx and Particulate Real Drive Emissions (RDE)

6 June 2016 08:00 - 10 June 2016 17:30, Leeds, United Kingdom

The course is relevant to vehicle manufacturers, engine consultancies and emissions control R&D with an interest in RDE and engine and emissions control technology for Euro 6 and beyond as well as for technology for future CO2 emissions reduction. The course is also relevant for those who need to understand real world traffic emissions from an air quality viewpoint and to those involved in emissions regulation formulation and enforcement.

This course, which is based on our long standing CPD course on Diesel Particulate and NOx Emissions, has been completely revised to include real-world driving emissions and the development of European Real Drive Emissions (RDE) legislation and the reasons for modern SI and Diesel vehicles to have higher emissions in real-world congested traffic than they do on legislated test cycles. This leads to worse air quality in cities. The technology of SI and Diesel engines for low CO2 is converging and SI engines have significant particulate emissions relative to modern diesels with particulate filters. This is leading to the requirement for Gasoline Particulate Filter for gasoline direct injection engines (GDI), but this is likely to be extended to PFI gasoline in the future as the use of rich mixtures in transient acceleration leads to the generation of soot.

Programme includes:
  • Real-world driving for SI and diesel vehicles, fuel economy and emissions
  • Control of engine out NOx and soot emissions in diesel and spark ignition engines
  • Hydrocarbons and three way catalysts
  • Particulate and NOx after treatment with minimum CO2 penalty
  • Diesel fuel injection and engine design trends for low NOx, PM and CO2 emissions
Weetwood Hall Conference Centre and Hotel

Weetwood Hall Conference Centre and Hotel, Otley Road, Leeds, LS16 5PS, United Kingdom

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