Nanoindentation and Surface Characterisation Workshop

8 June 2016 09:30-16:00, Coventry, United Kingdom

Nanoindentation workshop to celebrate the UK launch of the Bruker NanoForce, on Wednesday 8th June 2016 at Bruker’s facilities in Coventry, UK.
  • Talks from invited speakers
  • A presentation from Bruker development scientists
  • Live demonstration using the Bruker NanoForce and Dimension FastScan AFM
  • Bring your own samples to test!
The workshop is for industrial and academic nanoindentation specialists, AFM users wanting to learn about additional probe based techniques, to enhance the capability of their existing systems, and anyone who would like an introduction into the theory and practice of nanoindentation.

The new NanoForce nanoindenter combines proven Bruker technology: the most stable platform and precision stage together with best-in-class voice coil nanoindenter detectors, resulting in the highest precision and accuracy. The system includes an AFM head for true nanoscale imaging, with positioning accuracy in the 100nm range. This opens up new applications including pile-up measurement and fracture crack analysis.

See the new technology in action at the workshop. Bring your own samples to test, and see live demonstrations of:​
  • Imaging capability of the separate, integrated AFM head
  • Positioning accuracy of the stage combined with low thermal drift
  • Indents from μN up to 45 mN
Bruker UK Limited

Bruker UK Limited, Banner Lane, Coventry, CV4 9GH, United Kingdom

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