Biosafety and Blood borne Pathogens in Laboratory Environments - By AtoZ Compliance

9 August 2016 07:00-08:00, United Kingdom

Key Take Away:

This webinar will provide you with the regulatory framework and recommended guidelines, risk assessment for biological materials, structure of a robust biosafety program and on how to train employees exposed to biological hazards.


This fully interactive webinar will cover the management of biological hazards through the proper application of engineered containment, administrative controls and personal protective equipment.

Why Should You Attend:

We will address the regulatory framework and guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for work with biological materials and, specifically, with blood borne pathogens.

Areas Covered In This Webinar:

Do you or your team work in a laboratory exposed to biological hazards such as bacteria or viruses? Are you looking for a better way to manage your site’s biological materials? 

Join us for a fully interactive webinar to review how best to approach biosafety and implement an effective management program for blood borne Infections, safety and health, laboratory safety, infectious materials, hiv infection and blood infection.

Learning Objectives:

•  Principles of biosafety and blood borne pathogens

•  Risk groups for biological materials

•  Biosafety containment levels for work with biological materials

•  Engineering controls and key differences between a biosafety cabinet and a chemical fume hood

•  Universal precautions to prevent infection

•  Personal protective equipment and clothing

•  Sharps management

•  Signage and labeling

•  Waste and spill management

Who Will Benefit:

•  EHS Staff

•  Occupational Health Staff 

•  Laboratory Staff

•  Team Leads

•  Supervisors

•  Managers

•  Business Owners

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Speakers Profile:

Natalia Olive
Natalia Olive is an Environmental, Health and Safety Professional with over 15 years of international experience. Her strong focus on people and program management is combined with a wide range of technical components.

She holds a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a graduate degree in Health and Safety from the National Technological University in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which she completed after obtaining a Professional Chemical Engineering degree at the Buenos Aires Institute of Technology.

During her 13-year tenure with EMD Millipore, she designed, developed and maintained a global EHS management system centered on a web-based application suite. The system was utilized by 10,000 employees located at over 25 manufacturing, distribution and R&D facilities worldwide. Among other goals, the system achieved an increase in proactive reports from essentially nil in 2006 to an average 250 per month by May 2012, which was sustained through the end of 2014 at the time of her departure from the company.

She is now focused on training and education, holding the OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainer designation, and consulting with local companies in Massachusetts who seek excellence in their Environment, Health and Safety culture.

United Kingdom

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