NSCCS Scienomics Workshop on Modeling Polymer, Composites and Soft Materials using Multiscale Methods

19 December 2016 09:30-18:30, London, United Kingdom

Properties observed at the microscopic level often impact the properties of the final product. Nowadays, in several segments of the chemical and materials industry, for example in polymer, nanomaterial and composite development the positive impact of simulation techniques at the atomistic level is well recognized, enabling the optimum design and/or identification of the best candidates for a given application.

Materials development by design can be achieved with modern modeling technology, and MAPS in combination with its powerful simulation engines is a tool to address this challenge. Recent advances in theoretical and computational methods and their efficient implementation in Scienomics' MAPS platform will be discussed and illustrated with several case studies of scientific and industrial relevance.

MAPS offers to researchers access to powerful building, simulation, visualization and analysis tools in a single user interface together with access to multiple simulation engines using molecular dynamics, dissipative particle dynamics, Monte Carlo methods.
Imperial College London

Department of Chemistry, Imperial College London, South Kensington, London, SW7 2AZ, United Kingdom

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