'Authentomics'- Using big data to identify food fraud – spotting the unknown unknown

25 April 2017 09:30-16:30, London, United Kingdom

Meeting Purpose:
Food fraud is estimated to cost the UK food and drink industry up to £11 billion per year and also has the potential to be a major food safety issue. Food fraud covers a broad definition and can include dilution or substitution, adulteration, mislabeling, or misinterpretation or deliberate tampering. Each of these presents its own challenge.
Analytical chemistry plays an important role in understanding the chemical composition of food – and ensuring consumers are confident that the food they consume is authentic and safe. There are a plethora of techniques and methodologies used in food analysis from the robust and routine to the new, novel and developing.  Modern analytical techniques are capable of identifying known contaminants at very low levels but the emphasis on this meeting will not be on identifying specific contaminants but on identifying whether the food is entirely what it says it is.  Techniques that can profile samples, whether portable or lab based, are being increasing employed and could prove invaluable tools in the fight against food fraud.

 Meeting Objectives:
The conference will cover a wide range of analytical techniques and contributions are invited either on techniques, their use in specific foodstuffs, the development of mobile technology for food analysis or the development of mathematical techniques for data analysis.

Meeting Attendance:
The meeting is of value to scientists working in the food and/or analytical science industry. This will include those involved in raw materials or product testing in companies or enforcement agencies. Anyone with an interest in research in food integrity, whether academic or industrial. It will provide excellent networking opportunities.

Meeting Location:
Burlington House
Registration Fee: All presentations, Exhibition and Lunch
RSC Members £75
Non-members £90
Students and retired £25

Abstract Submission:
If you would like to contribute to the meeting though oral presentation or sponsorship please contact a meeting organiser: either Mike saltmarsh (mike@inglehurst.co.uk) or Kathy Ridgway (Kathy. Ridgway@anatune.co.uk)
The deadline for Submission of abstracts is Jan 31st 2017 (posters and short/flash presentations welcome – please specify your preference when submitting)
The Royal Society of Chemistry

Library, The Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BA, United Kingdom

Organised by
RSC Food interest Group
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