Operating Reverse Osmosis Systems - Monitoring & Troubleshooting - Online

23 November 2016 09:00-10:00, United Kingdom

This presentation will outline a typical RO system, highlighting the normal monitoring requirements for smooth operation. The costly consequences of mal-operation including scaling, membrane damage and fouling will be illustrated. Guidelines will be shared for best practice to minimise the likelihood of difficulties, including design and monitoring tips. Troubleshooting symptoms will be detailed in case difficulty arises. Both traditional RO systems and brine concentrator systems will be discussed

This presentation is aimed at those who have responsibility for operating a Reverse Osmosis system or are involved in the design and supply of such equipment. It is intended that viewers will gain a deeper understanding of what can go wrong and from that learn the importance of effective system monitoring and normalisation.

Speakers: Fiona Finlayson and Gill Bavister

Gill and Fiona are both Chemical Engineers who have worked for more than 20 years in water treatment. Both have worked for contractors or consultants designing and supplying reverse osmosis membrane systems before moving to Avista to help clients optimise the design and operation of their reverse osmosis systems using Avista Technologies Membrane Chemicals.
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