Exploring the (Complex) Chemistry of Scotch Whisky (including whisky tasting)

7 February 2017 19:00-20:00, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Smoky. Silky. Sweet. Scotch Whisky is a complex spirit with a diverse range of styles and flavours. But do you know where these flavours originate, and how Scotch Whisky comes to be? Comprising thousands of different chemicals, just what is Scotch Whisky, and why is it so complex? What makes a peated whisky so distinct? What are the chemical processes which occur during maturation? And what is the best way to taste whisky?

Join us for an evening’s tasting as we explore the chemistry of Scotland’s finest drink through a discussion of the production processes and their effects on whisky. We will also look at some of the modern approaches to both the production and analysis of this fascinating product.

This is a general interest talk which should be of interest to members and their friends. Tickets must be obtained in advance - click on the "Book Now" link.
Royal Society of Edinburgh

Royal Society of Edinburgh, 22-26 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2PQ, United Kingdom

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