An Introduction to Prep LC

7 November 2017 14:00-15:45, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom

This short seminar is intended as an introduction to those scientists who are involved in analytical chromatography and want to understand the principles of scaling up to semi-preparative and preparative dimensions. Aimed at end-users in the field, this course covers the practicalities and pitfalls of specific considerations such as adjusting column dimensions, flow rate requirements and particle size choices. Practical examples will be used to illustrate successful scale-up and common reasons for failed method translations discussed. Key topics include:
Introducing the theory and practice of scaling-up
Key parameters to consider
Useful ‘hints and tips'
Reversed-phase, chiral and SFC applications

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BioCity Scotland

St. Kilda, BioCity Scotland, Bo'ness Road, Newhouse, Lanarkshire, ML1 5UH, United Kingdom

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Hichrom Ltd
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