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International Green Biotechnology Congress

11 - 13 September 2017, Istanbul, Turkey

Plants are at the beginning of the value chain as they are renewable and nearly inexhaustible sources for food and raw materials. The discoveries in biology together with long-term oriented work of breeders consistently improved methods and contributed to progress in breeding. Global challenges including more people to be nourished under more difficult conditions (less acreage and water, alterations in climate) force breeders and scientists to combine traditional breeding methods with new technologies (genomic selection, site directed nucleases and saturation mutagenesis) to successfully develop new varieties of crops for tomorrow.
In this sense green biotechnology that apply biological techniques to plants in order to improve their nutritional quality, quantity and production economics becoming more important and attractive. Thus, following the successful completion of the Green Biotechnology Workshop in 2015, it is our great pleasure to announce you that International Green Biotechnology Congress will be held in Dedeman Bostancı Hotel &Convention Center Turkey, between September 11-13th, 2017.

 Hot topics
New Biotechnological Plant
Breeding Techniques
Plant Gene Expression Analyses
Plant and Microbe Interactions
Omics Approaches
Genotyping by Sequencing in Plants
Production of Secondary Metabolites
Genetic Resources Preservation
Nanotechnology in Agriculture
Dedeman Bostancı Hotel & Convention Center

Dedeman Bostancı Hotel & Convention Center, Değirmenyolu Cad. No:39/B 34752 Bostancı, Istanbul, 34752, Turkey

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