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Flow Chemistry and Introduction to Scale-up Workshop

5 July 2017 09:30-16:00, Royston, United Kingdom

Acquire an understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of flow chemistry – including reaction optimization – and learn how the technique can provide faster, safer and cleaner reactions.

Participants will also receive specialist application training, enabling them to adapt established batch chemistry processes to suit a more efficient flow chemistry format.

  • Learn how to perform reactions not possible by traditional techniques
  • Discover how to have faster, safer and cleaner reactions
    • Introduction to Flow Chemistry
    • Flow Chemistry Workshop including practical advice and experiments on the latest flow chemistry systems
      • Including reactions being run on the latest Asia system
  • Training on applying reactions from Batch to Flow Chemistry
  • Using Flow Chemistry for reaction optimization
  • Flow Chemistry application examples
Blacktrace Holdings Ltd

The Auditorium, Blacktrace Holdings Ltd, Unit 3, Anglian Business Park, Orchard Road, Royston, SG8 5TW, United Kingdom

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