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Surface tension measurement | KRÜSS Seminar

12 September 2017, Bristol , United Kingdom


Seminar topics

  • Fundamentals and applications of tensiometry
  • Static and dynamic methods for measuring surface and interfacial tension of liquids
  • Demonstration of methods described in lectures
  • Example applications from research and development presented by guest speakers
  • In-depth technical discussion
Aims and Objectives
By attending our seminar, you will gain a more in-depth understanding of surface tension (SFT) and interfacial tension (IFT). You will also familiarize yourself with mechanisms of surfactant action and learn more about characterizing surfactants. We will use concrete examples to illustrate the significance of surface tension in fast technical processes and show you how to apply static and dynamic analytical methods.

We will provide practical demonstrations of the methods covered on our own instruments:
  • Fully automated SFT, IFT and critical micelle concentration (CMC) determinations
  • Spinning drop method (for very low IFT)
  • Bubble pressure method (dynamic SFT)
  • Drop volume method (dynamic IFT)
  • Pendant drop method (optical SFT and IFT measurement on a drop)
This event is a one-day seminar for no more than 30 participants. The practical portion of the seminar is conducted in smaller groups.

Who attends our seminar?
Our seminar attract people from a wide range of scientific disciplines including chemistry, physics, material science and biology amongst others. Their focus is often towards detergents, cleaners, inks, coatings, paints, emulsions, foams, pharmaceutics, cosmetics, adhesives, surface modification and many others.

Seminar venues
The event will be held at the Mercure Bristol Grand Hotel, located in the city center of Bristol. The airport is just 20 minutes from the center with the train and coach stations at close proximity to the course venue.

How to register?
Registration can be made by returning the attached registration form to us or online at Registration confirmation will be made upon receipt of full payment or an official purchase order.
Mercure Bristol Grand Hotel

Mercure Bristol Grand Hotel, Broad St, Bristol , BS1 2EL, United Kingdom

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KRÜSS Surface Science Centre
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