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Cherney College's Chemistry Analysis in the Food Lab

16 August 2017 08:00 - 17 August 2017 16:30, Green Bay, United States

Hosted at Cherney Microbiological Services Ltd. In Green Bay, Wisconsin, this interactive two day course provides information through a combination of classroom presentations and hands on activities on basic food chemistry principles and proximate analyses for dairy products. Methods taught will include determination of salt, water activity, ash, moisture, protein and fat. Standard methods for cheese products will be demonstrated to facilitate practical application.
 The course will highlight basic food chemistry, composition of food, and proximate analyses of dairy products. There will also be method and equipment overviews of reaction chemistry, standards and controls, and rapid vs. traditional methods
The completion of this course will promote an understanding of why tests are performed and how their results are inturperated, a knowledge of common issues and troubleshooting tips, and improve attendee's technique in the lab through the hands on and technical training.
Lunches, snacks, and a certificate of completion will be provided all for the cost of $995.
Please visit our website for details at For questions and additional information please contact us at or by calling 920-406-8300.
Cherney Microbiological Services Ltd.

Cherney Training Center, Cherney Microbiological Services Ltd., 1110 S. Huron Road, Green Bay, 54311, United States

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