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An Introduction to LC-MS

6 February 2018 09:00-17:00, Manchester, United Kingdom

From Sample Prep, HPLC/UHPLC to MS Instrumentation

Part I. Sample Preparation in LC-MS :
  • The role/benefits of sample preparation in good LC-MS practice
  • Overviews of different sample preparation techniques and their applicability
  • Guide to selecting the right Sample Preparation method
Part II. Intro to Liquid Chromatography :
  • What is the role of the LC column in LC-MS?
  • Why is it even necessary?
  • Basics of LC theory
  • Review of the different LC media/support particles
  • Survey of different LC bonded phases and their application
  • Guide to selecting the right LC column for your application
Part III. Introduction to LC-MS :
Led by an Application Specialist from SCIEX this module will introduce and develop new practitioners by delivering an understanding of basic mechanisms associated with LC-MS/MS. As well as discussing mass spectrometry fundamentals, the material will then go on to examine the most commonly applied LC-MS techniques and the principles behind them:
  • Atmospheric Pressure ​Ionisation theory, techniques and methods:
    • Desolvation
    • Electrospray Ionisation (ESI)
    • Atmospheric Chemical Ionisation (APCI)
  •  Mass Analysis
    • The importance of calibration, and the differences between nominal mass, accurate mass and mass resolution
  • Mass Analysers
    • Quadrupole – benefits, limitations and general usage
    • Time of Flight – benefits, limitations and general usage
  • Data analysis
    • Quantitation
    • Application of targeted techniques eg. MRM to data acquisition and processing
    • Qualitative approaches to identification
    • Application of discovery techniques eg. scanning, information dependent acquisition, library searching
The Principal Hotel, Manchester

The Principal Hotel, Manchester, Oxford St, Manchester, M60 7HA, United Kingdom

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