analytica conference

10 April 2018 09:00 - 12 April 2018 17:00, München, Germany

  • Multiomics
  • BIG DATA Tools for OMICS
  • OMICS Tools for Precision Medicine
  • Pharmaceutical Protein Characterization
  • Metabolomics: from the discovery of differential metabolites to function elucidation
  • Novel aspects of hormone analysis
  • Clinical mass spectrometry in metabolomics and proteomics application
  • Reference Ranges – Data Mining at the Cusp of Clinical Translation
  • Genomics
  • Laboratory management
  • Aspects of Quality Management in the Serological Immune Diagnostics
  • Bioinformatics and Big Data Applications in Microbiome Analysis
  • Accreditation of Medical Laboratories in Europe
  • Preanayltical issues
  • Separation Techniques
  • Analysis of perfluorinated Compounds
  • Analysis of Microplastics
  • New Developments in Analytical Spectroscopy: The Power of Light
  • New Developments in Analytical Spectroscopy: The Power of Speciation Analysis
  • New Developments in Analytical Spectroscopy: The Power of Nanoanalysis
  • From Big Data to Smart Data
  • Young Analysts in Process Analytics
  • Aptamer-based Biosensors
  • Analytical Challenges from Implementing Consumer-Oriented Legislation
  • Trends in Analytical Toxicology- New Matrices, New Methods, New Analytes
  • Aerosols and Health: Characterisation of the Composition and the Toxicological Effects of Air Pollution
  • Analysis of Contemporary Materials for Food and other Uses
  • Analysis of Bioactivity in Foods to Complement High Resolution Methodologies
  • Modern Analytical Approaches for Emerging Contaminants in Foods
  • ABC-Spotlight on Bio- and Environmental Analysis
  • Große analytische Datensätze - Chemometrik ein Hilfsmittel zur Aus- und Bewertung
  • Modern analytical aspects in TDM and Clinical Toxicology
ICM – International Congress Center München

ICM – International Congress Center München, Messegelände München, München, 81823, Germany

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